Uncle John’s Notebook: ‘Earth’s Story’


Earth’s Proclamation 

“A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.”  William Blake 1794

Presented because the eye altered sees all… 

In 2007 we published the first of three proposed novels. Only 2100 First Edition copies were printed. All but a few have found new homes or are in circulation. This was deliberate as the date 2100 AD is core to ‘The Haymakers Survey’. However due to popular demand a reprint is now available. An E-version is also on our website as two PDF downloads. The ‘Watch’ material linked to the trilogy continues until 2012.   We promised the second novel in 2010.

The discovery of ‘Uncle John’s Notebook’ means we are now able to begin to unveil the second part of our historic and monumental tale.  On this blog we will reveal the contents in the coming months.  It may be some time since you read the first book in The Haymakers Survey trilogy or you may be coming to the story afresh. So we agreed that a brief summary of events in ‘The Haymakers Survey: Our Secret Inheritance’ may be helpful, including a reminder of the key things in that book which will make more sense once Uncle John’s note book is revealed.    

Before you read further another reminder that none of us are professional writers. You may find the odd spelling mistake or imperfect grammar, but in the age of txt speek and email does this matter? LMAO! (:D). We have our limitations, but one thing is abundantly clear you will find that Uncle John has an intriguing message to tell about Earth’s Story’. Oh another thing – on this blog under ‘Nature in Focus’ you’ll find some images of the Hertfordshire countryside taken by Julia Whittenbury. These will have a part to play. You may want to study these for the unusual abounds.

Akin to the artist Banksy what we do is free. However if you like our work please consider a small donation to a relevant charity of your choice. That’ll make us smile J and help spread the divine <3 xxx. 

Ben, Julia and Sarah Whittenbury, Jonas Fosbrooke and Caleb Hitch

1 August 2010 

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